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16 Apr 2020


We are manufacturers, and we know the effort, time and costs involved in creating a customized and certified industrial hardware from ground zero. Each application has their own needs, each sector has their own expertise and each project has their own singularities, and that’s why it’s so complex to design a unique device that conforms all the established requirements and scenarios without heavily increasing their cost.

In addition, developing your own hardware is related to certifications processes, manufacturing high quantities to achieve reasonable prices, maintenance due to components obsolescence, new functionalities or just technology changes. Also, the investment of time developing a software platform to interact with the hardware which doesn't bring value to your business.

eMOD is a new hardware platform that brings a solution to all these needs. We have evolved the modularity concept to enable the creation of fully customized industrial devices without R&D costs.


We have designed and certified a big quantity of modules and we will continue adding more modules during the following months; from power supplies, including DC and AC, communications such as RS-232/485, GPRS, LoRa, NB-IoT, digitals/analogues inputs and outputs, energy metering, PT-100 temperature inputs, …

All the modules are compatible and can be combined, according to your needs, to create your own industrial IoT device. You can check the list of available modules clicking here.

Agile firmware development

eMOD is an open solution that allows you to develop your own firmware or outsourcing an end-to-end service with full support of our team. We provide an optimized operating system, a complete set of tools, SDKs and public libraries to facilitate the firmware development. Our main goal is to allow you to only focus on the development of your application, not spending time and effort on hardware management.

Over time and with new modules' releases, it will be our work to maintain and improve the hardware, tools and drivers provided. You won’t need to worry about the device maintenance, only about evolving your application.

There are two development environments: Linux OS (with all the flexibility to install any software or controller needed in any programming language) and the microcontroller system (designed for low requirements applications and basic devices). Following tools and features can be used:

  • IoT Open Software Tools

  • Amazing tools like Node-RED and Edge X Foundry. Easy implementation. Fast development

  • Multilanguage API

  • Use the most appropriate language to develop your own application (C, C++, Python, Go, Java...)

  • Public protocol libraries

  • Set of public protocol libraries including Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, MQTT, BACNET and more

Certification and customization

Rather than simply adding your logo to a product, you have the opportunity to create your own certified industrial IoT device.

PickData has at its disposal a laboratory to ensure the quality of all their products according to the requested requirements of the present directives such as the compliance of CE certification.

The result is clear, you will get a device unique in the world, with your specifications, firmware and brand. 100% certified and customized.

IoT Manager Industrial OEM Modular Controller by eMOD product range

If you want to know more about how to build your eMOD you can visit our How it works section, or if you prefer it, you could contact our commercial department to receive personalized attention and a product quotation.


Documentation and other information

    eMOD Concept

    How it works


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eMOD, a new concept of customized industrial device without R&D costs

16 Apr 2020

We are manufacturers, and we know the effort, time and costs involved in creating a customized and certified industrial hardware from ground zero. eMOD is a new hardware system that brings a solution to all these needs. We have evolved the modularity concept to enable the creation of fully customized industrial devices without R&D costs.

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