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About us


In PickData, we combine a professional group with more than 15 years of experience in software and electronic development for industrials solutions, specialized on data collection and communications. PickData is a brand from Circutor SAU enterprise.


Firmly committed to help companies from all sectors to enhance their business, PickData provides industrial solutions for remote management and monitoring of large number of machines, sensors and distributed installations. From standard solutions to software and electronics customized solutions.


PickData is specialized on the design and manufacture of industrial devices to improve data collection, wireless and wired communications, energy measurement, control units and global VPN communications. All this hardware development is complemented by an IoT software platform for reception, analysis and management of such data.


Nowadays our solutions have been applied on projects of energy management, critical break downs real-time alarms, buildings monitoring, irrigation control, cold rooms monitoring, photovoltaic plants, solar pumping and maintenance of country distributed machinery; among others.






PickData Office Headquarters Oficina



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Our values




Fundamental value that guides our daily actions, commitment in everything we do with our team and our partners. We are committed to permanently search the excellence, whether in a regular or special task.



Honesty is a value that we have in our personal and business DNA, and we don’t understand the existence of long relationships otherwise than honestly.



The professional staff that makes our solutions possible is a team with maximum competence, high experience, in-depth technical knowledge of our solution and special ability to achieve the best experience for our partners. Only then you can rely on that kind of solution.



Viladecavalls (Barcelona) Spain