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DataBox Industrial IoT Platform Advanced Analysis

Monitoring, Remote control and Analysis for IoT Projects


The industrial IoT platform for data collection, parameters evaluation and simple-to-use analytics.

Real-time control and data capturing on the facility, advanced comparison and reports on the cloud.

Industrial design to ensure accuracy, data-reliability and robustness.

PickData EVO Industrial IoT Platform Advanced Analysis

Comparing is everything. We seek efficiency.


From the simplest comparison to the hardest one. Parameters measured, ratios and KPIs.

Compare between 2 variables from the same plant, 5 ratios from 5 facilities

or 100 KPIs from 100 installations. No limits.

You choose how you see your data; from basic graphs to advanced dynamic tables.




PickData EVO Industrial IoT Platform Advanced Analysis



Monitoring is essential. Reporting is mandatory.


User-friendly predefined templates or self-made custom reports.

Templates designed to monetize energy and savings, baselines comparisons,

temperature control and energy invoice simulation.

Ideal for submetering or billing applications to split costs between different contractors.


PickData EVO Industrial IoT Platform Demo


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