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Multi Input Ouput Digital Hub Modbus RTU RS-485

More inputs.

More outputs.

More power.


With great capability comes great control.

ACTIO 40 has 4 voltage-free digital inputs and 4 digital relay outputs ready to manage any machine or process.


Versatility is always welcomed


Independently use any digital input either to monitor a pulse meter or to control any process status.



Take the control of your facility.

Take the right action in good time.


We prefer to remotely actuate, and ACTIO's series allows you to manage your installation with a real-time control.


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ACTIO 40 is an impulse centralizer with four inputs (optocoupled) for reading pulses. Their counter values are stored on the memory.

ACTIO 40 has a total of four digital inputs associated to 4 memory registers. Each register has 32 bits (4 bytes), thus boasting up to a maximum of FFFF FFFF hexadecimal, this mean a total of 4,294,967,295 pulses. When this figure is reached, the internal memory register reset on the next pulse and metering starts again.

The minimum duration of the pulse or the change of status must be 50 ms and the minimum time between the successive pulse on the same input must be 50 ms. This represents a maximum sample frequency of 10 Hz.

ACTIO 40 has a total of 4-relay type outputs, which are governed by the master that can activate or deactivate them as required by the application. The appliance boasts a write function; it is able to provide an activation or deactivation pulse at any output. The duration of the pulse is variable and is programmed on the equipment; the minimum value is 20 ms and the maximum 5.1 seconds (5100 ms = 255x20), 255 = FF in hexadecimal and 20 is the minimum value in milliseconds.


General characteristics

  • RS-485 communication
  • Modbus RTU protocol
  • Remote configuration
  • Status LEDs
  • 85 … 265 Vac / 120 … 374 Vdc input voltage
  • DIN rail installation
  • PC self-extinguishing box

Digital inputs

  • Type: Opto-insulated voltage free
  • Maximum activation current: 50 mA

Digital outputs

  • Type: Relay
  • Nominal voltage: 250 Vac
  • Electrical endurance: 3 x 104 operations
  • Nominal current with resistive load: 250 Vac / 5 A ac
  • Nominal current with inductive load (AC): 250 Vac / 2 A ac
  • Nominal current with inductive load (DC): 24 Vdc / 5 A dc



Datasheet ACTIO 40  English  Español

Manual ACTIO 40  English  Español  Português

User manual ACTIO 40  Multilanguage




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